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Have you heard about Godech yellow cheese?

As early as the time of Ottoman Empire, the yellow cheese produced in the region of the town of Godech was traditionally exported for Tsarigrad markets. Here, the cows and sheep graze fragrant herbs on the meadows and their milk has unique properties.

Out Mogila Dairy Farm unites the traditional ways of making cheese and yellow cheese with state-of-the-art equipment using advanced technologies.

Balach Swimming Complex and Restaurant are 5 km away from Forest Houses. The comfortable and pleasant setting is supplemented by a magnificent summer garden and open swimming pool. The menu offers Bulgarian and fish meals, desserts and a variety of drinks.

We adhere to the philosophy of three inter-related principles – good food, cleanness and fairness: - Good food – quality, delicious and healthy; - Cleanness – production that does not harm the environment; - Fairness – affordable prices for the users and fair terms and payment for the producers.